Juleroser 2018

Illustrations for this years magical Christmas magazine Juleroser 2018, with Herborg Kråkevik as the editor and published by Samlaget and Egmont Media.
Click on the images for better detail view. The three top drawings I was commissioned to make for the magazine, and the two last ones are older drawings
they asked permission to use. The drawing with the pinecones is titled “Konglebarn” (meaning “pinecone children”) and this is an artwork I made back in 2006.
The drawing with the boy in the surreal surroundings is titled “Birdcage in space” and was made in 2008. All of these works are made with pencil on paper. The
three new ones were drawn on a yellow toned paper and the two older ones where made on plain white paper.

Juleroser is a magazine that has ressurected since the last time it was published in 1944 (1881 - 1944). Our beloved artist and actor Herborg Kråkevik grew up with a
family that collected these beautiful magazines, and a few years back she managed to fulfill her dream together with publisher Det Norske Samlaget and Egmont,
and spark new life to a long forgotten tradition. Juleroser 2018 is the fourth magazine of this decade and aims to present some of the best contemporary
Norwegian literature and art in the spirit of Christmas nostalgia.